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Thank You Letter From Afghanistan

“Well, I am absolutely FLOORED. Wish I had a video of my reaction to
opening the package from N. Bryan for iPads for Soldiers. Some smoke
definitely got into my eyes. XXX , you, your family, and now this
organization are absolutely amazing. This kind of generosity is
unheard of. I know you know the difference this will make to those of
us who won’t be by the warmth of a good old American fire for
Christmas. So, so many thanks for the supportive patriots in the Key
Biscayne area….which I hear is beauuuuutiful, but can’t imagine it
outdoes the beauty of the kind hearts we have just been blessed by.
I have received two packages and six iPads in total (along with some
really cute homemade cards) and am going to have the hardest time
picking which Soldiers get to open probably the craziest surprise of
their life (maybe I should do it randomly but I know a handful that
this iPad would be life-changing for). I think one of the very best
parts of giving is seeing the immediate joy in the faces of those
receiving–so my intent is to videotape the initial shock and awe of
this amazing generosity so you guys can “feel it” too! This involves
keeping it on the DL which may be challenging, but we’ll see how my
guys do. Hopefully I can get this together into a half-decent “thank
you” film for your organization. Disclaimer: I’m
artistically challenged
Anyway, thank you from the bottom of my heart for being you and for
this godsend that your idea manifested (yes, I read the website). All
I could keep thinking of when I opened that package filled with joy to
spread is “how am I so lucky?!” Thanks for making us all lucky.”
- Letter from female soldier in Afghanistan

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iPads Arriving in Afghanistan…

Our troops in Afghanistan are starting to receive their iPads! We are so appreciate of all of our donors and people who have helped make this happen. Below are two heartfelt letters we have received… Read them, share them, and support our troops!

“First and foremost I would like to extend to you my deepest gratitude and
sincere thanks for the wonderful new iPad I received the other day, and I
apologize for my delay in a return email. Even more so than I, my wife and
kids are extremely happy about the new addition to our house, for now I will
be able to webcam for the first time in 3 years!!! And if there is one thing
that I have learned with 8 years of deployment is make momma and the kids
happy, a wise man once told me. In fact, I am leaving tomorrow for 3 weeks,
missing Christmas, but I will be able to spend Christmas with my family via
skype, and I have you to thank you for it. It really means a lot to me that
I am finally able to do this (financial constraints limited my ability
before), and my kids and I have been practicing webcamming for the past day.
I must say your foundation is a huge moral booster for all those who are
lucky enough to participate, and in the future I would like to donate some
money as well because I think you have a great cause worth giving what I can
too. You are all in my holiday prayers, and I wish you, your family,
friends, and those close to you a wonderful Holidays, and with the love of
me and my family thank you so very much again.
Special Forces Medic
10th Special Forces Group
“De Oppressor Liber”

” The iPads just arrived! I have attached a picture of me and SFC XX holding them. I am on the left, he is on the right with the Santa hat, but I suppose our shirts could have told you that :) Anyway, thank you So much for selecting us a recipients of these wonderful gifts/tools. This will be very helpful in allowing us and our team to keep in contact with our families back home and to carry our pictures with us wherever we may go. Thank you again for all that you and your organization are doing to support our service members!

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Thank You From Specialist Sharidan Slaughter

One day we received we message from 1LT Allen saying “Hi. I’m Second Lieutenant Jonathan Allen of HHC 1-167th Infantry Battalion Task Force Centurion, and I recently heard about your organization because you gave a few iPads to some soldiers in another company in our Battalion. I wanted to say thank you for what you’re doing. I think it’s great that you’re giving soldiers a means of entertainment and most importantly communication back to their loved ones. That being said, I would like to inquire how one goes about requesting iPads from your organization. I have 26 soldiers split between Camp Phoenix and the much smaller Camp Blackhorse, and I know that communication is difficult, particularly for those soldiers at Camp Blackhorse, and if possible I would like to ask your help in alleviating that situation for as many of my soldiers as I can. Again, thank you so much for what you do, and I hope you can help!….”

And HELP is exactly what we did…
Thank YOU for all of your support!!!
Below are photos of our most recent recipient!

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Soldiers doing the work…

“I’m a third generation Soldier following in my Father’s and Grandfather’s
footsteps. When I set out on my military journey they were by my side every
step of the way. I can’t wait to tell them about the incredible level of
civilian support that my team received from your organization. A stark
contrast to what my Father experienced when he served in Vietnam. I don’t
think my Grandpa will understand exactly what an Ipad is though :-D.” – - A female soldier in Afghanistan who recently received an iPad.

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Thank you CHOLE – iPads To Our Troops!

Chloe Labador (11 years old) had bake sale at her school for ipads for soldiers! She is an example of a beautiful american! Her dad Fernando Labador is a brave soldier.

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Fisher House Ipads for Soldiers 6-10-2012

Thank you to Hank Weil & Tommy Tomlinson who went to the Polytrauma Institute to support our wounded warriors. YOU are making a DIFFERENCE!

How do YOU support our Troops?
*** Donate now to and help us send iPads to the brave men & women protecting our country! Any amount helps!!! #SupportOurTroops

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Salute to Diageo

Thank you Diageo for supporting iPads For Soldiers!!!!

Find Diageo Alcohol here:

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3rd Edition Tiki Bash to Benefit iPads For Soldiers

June 9th we celebrated the third Edition Tiki Bash to benefit iPads For Soldiers! The night was a huge success with raffle prizes, drink specials, dancing, and lots more!

Thank you to the outstanding men & women who came together to make this event possible! “The fate of America rests in hands of our youth…”

A BIG THANK YOU to: Frank Swain, Angie Jusino, Abby Kohlman, Ed Giese, Jack Middlebrooks, Peter Sung, Bill Collier, Warner Lewis, Maura McGroarty, Heather Darazs, Kate, Manders, Ginni Mac Neil, Molly Porter, Rachel Koch, Lauren Smiley, Kerby Teller, Tom Lavan, John Frist, Martin Bernstein, Hart Harrigan, and JS Vowell

**Partnered with Young Consultants of D.C. (YCDC) and Public Properties LLC**

If you are interested in hosting your own iPads For Soldiers fundraiser please let us know!

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iPads For Soldiers Visits Walter Reed Army Hospital

This past weekend founders Winnie and Wes Pritchett personally brought over 30 iPads to our wounded heroes at Bethesda. Many of the soliders have lost several limbs and suffer various degrees of brain damage.
Joining them was their son Wesley Pritchett, a helicopter pilot who recently returned from Afghanistan and Jeramy Pritchett, founder of Blindfold Magazine.

The benefits of iPads to our wounded soldiers both emotionally and physically is almost impossible to count… The touch screen allows soldiers who are missing fingers, hands, etc. to navigate the iPad with moderate ease. Many soldiers use the iPad as a tool for recovery – the countless apps provide our brave soldiers with a fun and engaging way to learn.

Most importantly, it allows them to email and FaceTime with their loved ones that cannot be with them…

The experience was beautiful and it was also heartbreaking in many ways. But our men and women are strong, they will recover. We must not forget them.

Thank you.

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Why the iPad is GREAT for wounded Soldiers

The iPad isn’t just a cool/fun technology, it can be incredibly useful for our wounded warriors. Below are different Apps that you can get on your iPad that will help with brain injuries, PTSD, stress, anxiety, and overall recovery…

Our wounded warriors deserve the absolute best and an iPad is a token of our gratitude and a tool for recovery!
See below!

Answers HD App-
It is a two button choice app, with the standard yes/no choices. It also let’s you write other choices and record the words in your own voice…
For example, we ask Doug (soldier suffering a brain injury) what branch of the military he is in, one choice will be usmc, other choice will be army. This app is a huge asset in Doug’s communication.
Want the App:

Small Talk
Designed for people with aphasia, an impairment in the ability to use language, SmallTalk Aphasia provides a vocabulary of pictures and videos that talk in a natural human voice.
Want the App:

Speak It
Speak It To Me is an advanced text to speech app for your iPhone or iPod Touch. Use Speak It To Me to speak any English text you type. Paste in emails, webpages, and any other text you can find.
Want the App:

Check these as well: Speak pad, Tap to talk, icomm, and Pics aloud.

Music Apps: Music is very important for brain injuries- Jampad, Shaker, Virtuoso, Tappy tunes, Axylophone, Guitar, and Finger drums.

Interactive apps are important for cause and effect and to help with motor and cognitive skills. Some of our favorites: Pocket pond, Whiteboard, Fireworks, Fluidity, Art of glow, Neon mania, and Hunt plus.

Cognitive Apps:
123 numbers, ABC Letters, Flash cards, and many autism apps.
** For those that may be higher functioning, there are many apps that will help them organize and remember things, such as Evernote, remember the milk, cozi, wunderlist and leadertask.

For families wanting to understand more about their loved ones brain injuries, or to understand terms thrown at us by doctors, and to cross reference medications and such, use: Medscape, Pocketrx, Anatomyacu, 3d brain, and mTBI.

PTSD Apps:
PTSD coach, PTSD support, breathe2relax, t2 mood tracker, and PTSD support for veterans.

We wish all our wounded warriors a steady and solid recovery. Thank you.

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