What Your Support Means

A recent comments collection to let you know what your support means to a soldier ~ in the field, in recovery and to their loved ones at home.  Please use the share options at the bottom of this or any post to spread the word about our mission so that we can do more!

From Our Inbox

Rich Mumford, wounded Vet

Its Rich. You sent me and Ipad right before Christmas. I just wanted to say thank you so much. I have been very busy in my therapy and recovery I apologize that I have not sent off a thank you.  I just wanted to say God Bless you and your family. The Ipad has been a big help for budgeting, scheduling and just for music and games. I appreciate it very much, Have a wonderful day!

From the Site

SFC Darren James, Airborne Infantry ~

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kind action. I cannot convey enough how much it means to know that there are people in this great Nation of ours that are still behind their fighting men and women like you are. I just got it in today, and I couldn’t be happier to be an American Soldier. Thank you all again very much!

Lead The Way!

Alex Langa ~

Thank you seems like a very inadequate thing to say for this gift.  After a long and emotionally charged year this Ipad was an incredible surprise.  I just want all the people that have donated to make this gift possible to know that your efforts haven’t gone unnoticed.  I will also try to pay this forward and please know that your generous gift has reminded me that people are still capable of wonderful acts of kindness and generosity.  Thank you.

Annie Bringloe ~

I’m the Mom of a Jalalabad dustoff medic who recently received an iPad at the FOB. What a great surprise and special gift. Thanks from a grateful Mom.

Eric Sabiston ~

I don’t know what to say, what an incredible act of generosity!  Thank you so very much!!  I landed late from a test flight so I missed the meeting, but when I walked in I saw everybody holding an iPad.  I really thought it was a practical joke.  I have never had anybody do something like this for me since I joined the military many years ago. It has been a tough year for our team but these gifts mean more to us than what they will do for us.. it’s just amazing to know folks still think about us out here.  God bless you from your MEDEVAC Soldiers in J’Bad!!

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From our Facebook Page

Andrew Montgomery ~

I would like to just say Thank You for everything you are doing and everyone you are helping. I am in WTU as a wounded warrior I really appreciate the extra effort of help from you guys to help me get through these challenges. I am now going to be able to use this for my appointments and just in general to help me remember things because of the memory problems I am facing now due to some of my injuries. THANK YOU for everything you are doing!

Jean Williamson ~

My nephew received an IPad from you guys.  He was in recovery from repair to a shattered heal from an IED explosion.  I was with him and he was in terrible pain.  He wouldn’t open his eyes.  When I told him he was getting an IPad from you guys, he started to come around and said, Really? and than he actually smiled.  It meant a lot to him and to me.  Thank you for all you do.  Please keep it up, it really lifts the soldiers and their families.


Byron VanKirk ~

I heard a touching story today from a Captain in my unit whose mother was at Walter Reed giving out Ipads to injured soldiers when she met a soldier that had just came from one of our supported units.  When she said her son flew Kiowas, this soldier shared times when Her son and fellow troopers had helped him out of bad situations.  I don’t often get to hear good news stories from those we support….  Many who go home never get to share their story, with anyone…ever.  It reminds me why we do what we do, not only for those to our left and right or our families, but also because there are people like the Pritchetts and the individuals that support this organization that are the heart of what makes our country great and those of us that serve it very proud to do so.


Byron Cowdrey ~

Thank you for supporting our Soldiers!! It’s awesome that folks can send something that is enjoyable but otherwise unaffordable for young enlisted!!!  hats off!!

Justin Popp ~

I would like to thank Ipads for soldiers for the generosity as well as all the people out there that donated to the organization. You guys have shown why America is the best country in the world. Thank you !!!!

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3 Responses to What Your Support Means

  1. Joyce Ellington says:

    All Americans appreciate the sacrifice of our soldiers who stand in harm’s way to keep us safe. God bless, keep you safe, and return home to your families.


    Joyce Ellington

  2. Collette McLemont says:

    I would like to thank the troops, veteran, wounded and the fallen for the outstanding job they being doing protecting our nation. Also the families for there support including myself. I am mother of two every day I pray for our love ones come home to us. Sfc Murray oniel who is serving in Afghanistan be safe we miss you guys.
    Memorial day to one and all

  3. Troy neville says:

    I met a gentleman on plane home I was injured in Afghanistan and told me about you. Said its his step mom who does this. I fractured my neck in at FOB Howz-E-Madad Afghanistan. What you do is amazing and all my prayers go out to your success you have put smiles on many faces and you are just amazing

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